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Plan Your Jewish Milestone Events Without Breaking Shvitz

Can we talk tachlis for a moment?

If your Jewish is a little complicated…
or more cultural than congregational…

Preparing, planning, and coordinating those
big milestone events can feel daunting.

We get it, and that’s where Mazel Mamas comes in!


You Want...


To honor your tradition

Class, style, and elegance

To be true to yourself while ensuring
all guests feel comfortable

(we know all about those delicate
family dynamics…)

Put any worries to rest and let Mazel Mamas show you the way. Inclusionist to the core, it’s our mission to help Jews of all stripes and types make their milestones magnificent, meaningful, and meshuga-free.

Reform or Conservative... unaffiliated or interfaith... single or same-sex... whatever your status or circumstances, we’ll help you navigate it all with guidance, direction, support, inspiration, and resources galore.

So settle in, get comfortable, and explore!

Well Bubela,

For All Your Milestones


The brit or (brit milah), observed on the eighth day after a boy’s birth, made its debut five millennia ago and Jewish circumcision has been going strong ever since! The specialists trained to perform the ritual are called mohels; find one in your area here.

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It'll be here before you know it (they grow up so fast!) and we've done the legwork to help you prepare, plan, and party to perfection. Check out our step-by-step guide, resources, and recommendations to put everything into place for your shayna punim's big day without any hitches or headaches.

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Weddings, the most momentous, joyous, and ritual-rich of Jewish milestones, can also be emotionally triggering stress-fests, especially if you’re a secular, interfaith, same-sex, or multi-racial couple. Dodge the drama with our step-by-step planning guides and resources for every scenario on the journey to your chuppah!

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The last of the Jewish lifecycle events is considered the ultimate act of loving kindness. Here you can access our guide to Jewish burial and mourning customs and connect with a funeral officiant in your area.

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Hi, I’m Heather! Wife, sister, daughter, devotee of all things Fran Drescher. I created Mazel Mamas to make you an instant maven so you can plan and coordinate your Jewish lifecycle events with ease.

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