Episode 2: Difficult Conversations with Robbin McManne



The holidays present a unique challenge when we start talking about interfaith households. Joining me to share her insights on how to approach these difficult conversations is parenting coach Robbin McManne. 

Robbin is the author of The Yelling Cure and host of the Parenting Our Future Podcast and she has a unique and brilliant way of approaching hard topics. More than anything she tells parents to start from a place of love and empathy. 

We all love our kids, but we sometimes forget that they’re simply trying to find their place in this world. They don’t ask questions, most times, to be rude or annoying. They genuinely want to piece together their reality. 

This process is made much more difficult when they start realizing that other people have completely different traditions and cultures and may not value the same things as them. 

I’m asking Robbin the hard questions. Everything from how to discuss Santa Clause with your kids to ways to approach those difficult members of your family. Robbin is amazing at her work and she provides fantastic tips and insights on how we can make this time of year fun and fulfilling for our children and families. 

Listen in to learn more.

In this episode:

[01:34] Welcome Robbin McManne of Parenting for Connection. 

[02:30] How can we talk to our kids about the different holidays? 

[05:39] Is this when you’d discuss different cultures and traditions? 

[07:21] Robbin shares her thoughts on using food to share different traditions.

[08:32] What are some different ways that interfaith families can bridge the gap between traditions so no one feels marginalized? 

[12:13] How can we create productive conversations around the tree? 

[14:15] My husband and I only put things on our tree that have deeper meaning for us. 

[16:07] Learn ways you can deal with family members who may judge you for your lifestyle. 

[21:48] How to deal with people crossing your boundaries in relation to your children.

[25:47] Honesty is the best policy with most people. 

[26:50] Can we manage our children’s expectations around gifts and gift giving? 

[32:01] Why the holidays are a great time to introduce giving back and philanthropy.

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