Episode 6: Just Kibbitz with Jeffrey Kaplan



What Jewish mom doesn’t want a say in their kids dating life? Of course, they know best! Jeffrey Kaplan, CEO of Just Kibbitz, saw this as a needed service and made it happen. Listen as he shares more about his online dating site and why it’s perfect for Jewish mamas. 

While Jeffrey was in school pursuing his Masters in Entrepreneurship, he had an idea for a dating app for Jewish moms. Not for them to find husbands, but for them to help find dates for their kids. 

Essentially, a mom would be able to login, create their own profile, and meet other Jewish moms who were also looking for matches for their kids. They’d get to know each other and learn more about each other’s interests, then decide whether or not to set up their kids.

If everyone agreed, their mamas could then split the cost of the date itself. In fact, when millennials were asked if they’d be amenable to going on a date arranged by their moms, 50% said they’d go. When asked if they’d go if the date were paid for, 92% were all in. 


Listen in to learn more about Just Kibbitz and channel your inner Yenta. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

In this episode:

[01:08] Welcome Jeffrey Kaplan, CEO of Just Kibbitz. 

[02:46] How did the idea for Just Kibbitz come to him? 

[04:43] I share some of my own dating and mom stories. 

[06:23] Jeffrey explains more about the process itself and why they didn’t want it to be too slick. 

[09:47] What kinds of questions do they get about the platform? 

[10:44] 50% of millennials would be willing to go on a date set up by their moms. 

[12:13] The biggest objections they hear from kids about having their mom arrange dates. 

[14:37] Have they heard of any tension between moms if things don’t work out? 

[15:12] What kind of success rate do they have going? 

[16:50] Did he get a lot of resistance as he was building the business? 

[20:34] How their eggplant promo video came about. 

[22:02] Where are they most popular? 

[23:50] What’s next for Just Kibbitz?

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