Get Tips from the Pros on Streaming Your Child’s Simcha with Mitzvah Stream



Wish you could include all of your family in your child’s Simcha? With Mitzvah Stream you can. Born out of a need created due to the pandemic, the founders of Mitzvah Stream have created a solution for every family. Listen as they share more about their streaming service and why it’s needed even when we return to life as normal. 

Mitzvah Stream is a Bay Area service that allows family and friends to participate in B’nai Mitzvahs, virtually. It all started when Randi attended a virtual Mitzvah for a friend’s child and she couldn’t see a thing. 

It was streaming from someone’s laptop and she didn’t feel as if she was included in the ceremony. She knew there had to be a better way. 

She called her brother Ben who has a background in videography and sound and proposed a solution. Thus Mitzvah Stream was born. 

When Mitzvah Stream shares your ceremony, they are on site with everything you need including cameras and microphones. They provide multiple angles for an optimal visual experience and make sure that your guests can hear every word. Ben and Randi understand this is an important time in your child’s life, and your friends and family want to share the momentous occasion with you. 

They’re sharing all the bumps and bruises they experienced as well as tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your virtual Mitzvah no matter where you are. If you’re planning a B’nai Mitzvah and are in the Bay area you’ll for sure want to check them out. Links are below.

In this episode:

[01:16] The pandemic threw families for a loop when it came to celebrating milestone Jewish events. Mitzvah Stream is the solution!

[02:30] I share my experience as a virtual participant through a Mitzvah Streamed ceremony. 

[03:27] How Mitzvah Stream started. 

[06:17] What Ben initially thought when Randi approached him with the idea. 

[07:44] They typically use Zoom, but this one change makes a huge difference. 

[09:54] It seems like the majority of families they’re working with are not affiliated. 

[11:21] How are people finding them? 

[14:40] Some of the concerns people have had before working with Mitzvah Stream. 

[16:23] Should families reach out by a certain time in the planning process? 

[19:01] Were there any challenges that they weren’t expecting? 

[20:58] Do they interact with the kids during planning at all? 

[21:56] What are some of the frequently asked questions they get from families? 

[24:18] Have they ever streamed the party itself? 

[26:21] Will they stream any other ceremonies? 

[29:24] Do they travel? 

[31:30] Their advice for mamas looking to add streaming to their child’s ceremony. 

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