Episode 3: Wedding Season is Almost Here with Joseph Salierno



Have you ever planned a Jewish wedding? Are you getting ready to need to? Before you get started you’ll want to hear all of Joseph Salierno’s wonderful tips and tricks. He’s the director of sales at Studio 27 and he has heard it all when it comes to weddings. 

When it comes down to it, oftentimes, mom and bride have different ideas of what has to happen during a wedding. From the venue to the food to the photographer, expectations may vary. 

It’s important for anyone planning a Jewish wedding to keep these differences in mind and verbalize them to all of your vendors!

Once you or your daughter has gotten engaged, first things first is choosing a date. You need to book your venue as soon as possible and without a date or preferred season, this is very difficult. 

You can save lots of money if you decide on a day other than Friday or Saturday! Some moms are all about saving the money on the day so that they can spend it elsewhere in the budget. Some moms are set on the day of the week. 

This is just a peek at all the amazing tips and advice Joseph shares from his years in the industry. Listen in to hear them all. 

In this episode:

[01:56] Welcome Joseph to the show to share all about Jewish weddings. 

[02:31] What’s the first thing you should do after you’ve told mom about your engagement? 

[03:00] Why having a date in mind is critical to venue shopping. 

[04:55] There’s lots of money to be saved if you’re flexible with which day in the week you choose. 

[07:37] Mom’s are typically the voice of practicality, but not all will agree to alternative days.

[08:53] Why saving money on day of the week may appeal to the over the top moms. 

[09:50] Things to consider when you’re planning in different areas of the country and world.

[12:51] Ways a wedding planner can help keep the peace between mom and bride during the process. 

[15:06] How can you find the right photographer for your wedding day? 

[17:06] What happens when the bride’s aesthetic doesn’t mesh with mom’s aesthetic?

[18:50] When meeting with the photographer, is in-studio important? 

[20:37] How much information should be given in an initial conversation for an interfaith wedding? 

[22:34] What questions should families ask of their potential photographer? 

[25:32] Should all the cultural milestones be mentioned in the initial interview? 

[26:29] Learn different ways mom may bring questions and changes to the choice of photographer. 

[28:13] Your photographer choice is all about you rather than for your guests. 

[29:12] The couple and moms usually have differences in expectations for deliverables. Learn more.

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