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Debbie Marks is a multi award winning luxury event designer. She’s also a Mazel Mama who just planned and hosted her eldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Debbie will talk to us about how she reached the top of the event planning industry. From her days as a kid dreaming of owning her own hotel to running events as a teenager in the Jewish youth group to having a major impact in corporate events and eventually launching her own brand Qube Events and Productions specializing in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Jewish weddings. Eventually Debbie made a huge name for herself throughout the UK which grew to event decor and styling for some extremely high profile events including the Queen Charlotte’s Ball.

Debbie shared her own event planning process in putting together her eldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and the pressure to create something spectacular. Debbie made sure that the meaning of the milestone was shared with all friends and family while still implementing as many quirky touches she could have, including an edible garden.

Debbie says it’s really all about creating special memories and implementing unique elements that leave a lasting impression which can be accomplished even without a huge budget. It’s really about being super creative.

Same holds true in planning a wedding or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Creativity and quirkiness can be included in a smart and tasteful way for weddings as well. There are no rules that say you have to have a “white wedding.” From the dance floor to table settings, the extraordinary touch is what makes your event special. 

Prioritizing on what are the most important elements to you will also help with some of the anxiety about planning your event. Determine what’s really important to you, whether it’s the food, entertainment or decor, choosing your most important elements to you will also help guide your budget and where the bulk of it will be spent.

Another piece of advice that Debbie provides is to be open to listening to the suggestions of the professionals. They’ve seen all and know what works. It doesn’t mean your ideas will be shot down, it just means that for it to be a hit, you might need to be open to bringing your ideas to life in a different way than you first envisioned. 

Debbie’s first book is coming out this month and is available through her website

In this episode:

[01:30] Debbie’s rise to the top of the events planning industry. 

[02:26] After University and working in corporate Debbie was very involved with charities and the UJIA – United Jewish Israel Appeal as head of events in the UK. 

[03:33] The creation of Qube Events & Productions – Debbie’s own company was formed 12 years ago.

[04:27 ] Jewish Bar Mitzvahs and weddings are the first events that Qube Events & Productions began with and then grew into the largest event styling and decor company in the UK. 

[05:15] Pre-pandemic they were doing 300 events a year including high-profile events such as the Queen Charlotte’s Ball.

[06:00] Debbie’s upbringing and her years in Jewish youth group.

[08:45] Planning her own daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was a lot of pressure.

[10:00] Creating quirky elements was the key to make it memorable, including an edible garden.

[11:48] Planning her own event made Debbie realize even more why people need planners.

[14:30] How Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are different between the Us and the UK 

[17:20] Did Covid affect any of the planning?

[18:53] What can everyone do to make the biggest impact on their own events.

[21:04] Bringing the meaning of the milestone into the event. 

[23:19] Debbie’s first book Extraordinary Parties has just been completed and is available on Amazon from March 31. 

[24:28] Dealing with opinionated moms during the event planning process. 

[28:26] Debbie will travel for clients that would like the influence of a UK designer that is looking for something really different in their events. 

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