Plus Size Brides with Shafonne Myers



If you’re a curvy bride-to-be getting ready to go dress shopping you’re going to want to listen to the conversation we had with the expert of plus size brides, Shafonne Myers.  The creator of Pretty Pear Bride, Shafonne gives it to us straight when getting ready to bear it all at the bridal salon. 

As a bride, fiancée, daughter and woman, chances are you are going to be doing a lot of people pleasing during this process.  The dress is something you will select just for you.  It’s something that should fill you with joy.  So, spend a bit of time thinking about what types of styles you are most drawn to. 

Shafonne is a huge advocate for allowing yourself the freedom to try dresses on that mainstream bridal would deem inappropriate for curvier brides.  If you love a mermaid dress, see how it will look!  Same for a fit-and-flare or even an elegant sheath dress.  Shafonne advises again ruling out a particular style before ever even seeing how it actually looks on you. 

Ensuring that the salon will have your particular inspiration style in your size can also prove to be somewhat challenging.  This is where mom can come in and be a bride’s biggest advocate! 

Shafonne also breaks down the way that the bridal industry sizes their gowns.  It’s shocking to many brides to learn that often when trying on bridal gowns the reality is that the cut is much smaller than the sizing for street clothing, causing everyone to have to go up from 2 to 4 sizes!  

We also discuss what kind of boundaries may need to be set with your wedding entourage when you go dress shopping so that everyone is on the same page.  

Listen in to hear Shafonne break down the best way for both mom and bride to arrive in style and with the least amount of mama drama! 

In this episode:

[02:20] Shafonne says before dress shopping, think about yourself and what you like.  

[04:00] Don’t rule out a particular style because you are plus size, always try it on.   

[06:13] How to ensure a bridal salon will have sample dresses for you to try on.

[08:08] Mom can be your biggest advocate in ensuring the salon will have your desired style in your size to try on. 

[10:20] The bridal industry does not use the same sizing as street clothing. 

[13:02] The benefits of finding a “plus size only” bridal salon. 

[14:10] Setting boundaries with your mom while gown shopping. 

[15:48] Making sure everyone is heard. 

[19:06] Wedding trends for this year. 

[20:17] Which wedding designers are actually size inclusive with all of their styles.

[24:20] What Christian Soriano and other designers are doing right. 

[29:02] Budgeting for your wedding gown.

[32:12] Dresses for mother of the bride and mother of the groom. 

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