Episode 5: Tango Shalom with Renée Taylor



Welcome to the show, the ultimate Mazel Mama, Renée Taylor. She has dominated the entertainment industry from film, to stage, to television, she’s done it all and seriously made her mark. Listen as she talks about her latest film Tango Shalom, what it takes to build a happy, healthy marriage, and what’s coming up next. 

Tango Shalom was truly a labor of love and a project that involved the whole family. It was one of the last projects she got to work on with her husband of 52 years, Joe Bologna. It was written by Joe, their daughter-in-law produced the score, and her son directed it. They also had their family friend, Lainie Kazan co-star. 

Unfortunately, before the film made it to screens all over the world, Joe passed away after battling with cancer. Their epic love was marked with lots of laughter, food, and sex. Just ask her! She even wrote an entire book about their experiences. 

Renée is a bucket of laughs. Her memories of her time in the business and her comedic lens on life were a joy to hear. If you haven’t already, check out Tango Shalom and the new reboot of The Nanny on HBO Max. Just be sure you’re ready for all the laughs.

In this episode:

[00:55] Welcome Renée Taylor, the main mama. 

[02:02] Learn more about Tango Shalom and why they played it in theaters. 

[03:51] Was it hard creating a new funny, Jewish mom character? 

[05:41] Did she help with the writing of Tango Shalom? 

[07:33] Learn more about her relationship with Lainie Kazan. 

[08:51] Did she know there was going to be a dedication at the end of the movie? 

[10:26] Her advice for having a long and happy marriage. 

[12:38] Was it challenging bringing together interfaith families 50 years ago? 

[14:37] Renée shares about her wedding to Joe Bologna.

[16:41] How did they approach the big religious milestones? 

[18:49] Does Renée cook like a traditional Jewish mother? 

[20:02] Hear Renée talk about her time on The Nanny. 

[22:37] Who was Sylvia Fine based on? 

[24:31] She has no intention to slow down.

[26:04] What’s coming up for Renée?

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