Wedding Trends & Mama Drama with Joseph Salierno



Wedding professional Joseph Salierno is back! He’s got his finger on the pulse of what’s to come in trends for upcoming weddings and how celebrity engagements might influence the trends to come in the year ahead and how some people might have some very strong feelings about potential polarizing choices. 

With engagement season quickly sliding into full on wedding planning, the hype and excitement is here. We’ll talk about the rings, the cakes, the dresses and what will be exciting and creating that “wow” moment for your wedding and if mom will be on board for all of it. 

Mamas are clearly opinionated when it comes to weddings and disagreements are bound to pop up even when you least expect it. As a bride, how you handle these potential landmines can possibly set the tone for how you and your partner will deal with your mother throughout the life of your marriage. 

Allowing mom to be heard and not dismissed will go a very long way in keeping the peace and your stress level low. Family dynamics are always tricky, so while things are being accomplished we want to make sure that no one is feeling excluded. 

If you can allow yourself to roll with how things play out on the day of your wedding, the smallest imperfections will not spiral out of control and will help you to remain calm and in control. It is very common for small things to not go as planned, keeping your expectations on not having an absolute perfect day will create a space for you to truly enjoy your day, your loved ones and the person you are committing your life to. 

In this episode:

[01:06] Causes of drama during the wedding planning process.

[01:37] Celebrity wedding planning, and keeping it real for your own wedding.

[03:32] Megan Fox’s engagement ring, and how trends affect upcoming weddings.

[07:16] How royal weddings affect trends in wedding planning.

[08:39] Trends in wedding cakes.

[09:47] How to resolve disagreements when planning a wedding.

[15:19] Who takes the lead in the planning — and in the relationship?

[17:25] Mom’s point of view, picking your battles, and assigning tasks.

[19:10] What can you do when things go wrong? Hint: offer a solution.

[21:54] Take charge of what’s most important to you. Delegate the rest. 

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