Episode 7: Weddings at The Crescent Beach Club with Matt Silver



It’s that time of the year again. It’s engagement season and there are lots of little boxes with sparkly gifts inside waiting to be given. Have you even thought about where you want to have your wedding? Wondering what the wedding landscape looks like for 2022? Matt Silver, COO of the Crescent Beach Club in New York, joins me to talk about all things weddings.

But first, we chatted about his iconic mom, Rhona Silver. She changed the face of Kosher catering and later purchased and ran the legendary Huntington Townhouse. 

Rhona’s attention to detail was incomparable. She was a tough business woman who always believed in giving back to the community. Her memory lives on throughout the industry. 

It wasn’t necessarily assumed that Matt would go into the hospitality industry, but he found that he loved the work and he still does. He helps hundreds of families to plan amazing events every single year and he knows that there are some key things to consider when you’re planning and budgeting. 

First, your venue will be your largest expense. Many of us already knew that, but did you know that EVERYTHING else will essentially add up to your venue expense. So if you spend $10k on a venue, expect to spend the same on food, music, photography, the dress, etc. 

Also, if you’re looking to plan a wedding in 2022, you’ll need to be flexible with the date. There are still a lot of 2020 reschedules on their books and they know it’s similar elsewhere so available dates might be hard to come by. Last but not least, prices are definitely going up. Be prepared to spend more than anticipated on your perfect day!

Listen in to hear all of Matt’s tips and advice for planning and executing your dream event!

In this episode:

[01:11] It’s that special time of year again. Did you get a little box with something sparkly inside? 

[02:17] What was it like having Rhona Silver, the queen of catering, as a mom? 

[04:09] Was it assumed that Matt would join the hospitality industry? 

[05:37] Rona was very involved in the business and valued attention to detail. 

[06:59] She was a tough business woman but also a very giving woman. Learn more. 

[07:56] What is one thing that engaged couples and their moms should know going into 2022? 

[09:55] How to approach your budget? 

[11:02] Are things more emotionally charged when mom is involved? 

[12:16] Does he find himself being the voice of compromise when planning weddings? 

[14:23] How mindset about wedding dates has changed due to the pandemic. 

[16:56] What do weddings look like now post-pandemic? 

[17:55] Are prices going up for planning and paying for weddings? 

[20:27] Learn about the things that people forget to plan appropriately for in their budget. 

[22:42] Do they disclose prices before having people tour the property?

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